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With the introduction of Blockchain technology, it has grabbed the attention of several application development companies. At Induji Tech, we have achieved good reputation by delivering quality blockchain app development services and solutions to clients. We work with a team of Blockchain developers who possess great skills and years of experience for providing you the desired solution for your need. Our experts ensure to take your business to the next level of success.

Custom Software

Our Blockchain development services include:

  • Private Blockchain Development
  • Blockchain Technology Consulting
  • Crypto Exchange Development
  • Smart Contracts Development or ICO
  • Decentralized Application Development or dApps
  • Distributed e-commerce Solution
  • Blockchain IoT App Development
  • Wallet Development Solutions

Benefits of
Blockchain technology

Can be accessed from anywhere

Improved transparency

It provides greater transparency by means of distributed ledger system so that all network members share the same updated ledger. Thus, this shared ledger will be validated through consensus that denotes everyone must agree on it. Changing a single record will require the modification of all succeeding records. Hence, the data stored on the blockchain platform is more accurate, transparent and secure that is available to the members only who seem to have permissioned access.

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Better security

It is a secured platform due to record-keeping system. The transactions made get approved, encrypted and then linked with the past transactions. Data storage is present in the network of computers than a single server that make it difficult for the hackers to hack anytime.

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Easy to install and maintain

Reduced costs

Reduced costs is the top most priority for most businesses. With blockchain, you do not require intermediaries or third-parties to built trust as everything can be certified on the network through consensus of participants of the network. You do not need to evaluate documentation to perform trade as everyone will have complete access to an immutable version. Yet, the best part is that only you and your trading partner will remain secure.

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Can be accessed from anywhere

Increase speed and efficiency

The trading processes consume a lot of time and involve third-party intermediaries in order to confirm its authenticity. By automating and simplifying business processes with the help of blockchain technology, transactions can be executed in a more secured and quick way. A single digital ledger that has been shared with network participants can be used for record-keeping and will not need to manage different ledgers.

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Enhanced traceability

If your company manages products that have been traded through a complicated supply chain, you can understand how difficult it might be to keep a track of an item from its origin. When supply of goods from one place to another is recorded with the blockchain platform, you will get a complete audit trail that denotes where an asset has come from and tracks each stop on the journey. The past records stored on the blockchain helps verify authenticity if products and thus, protect them from frauds.

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Easy to install and maintain


The records for each transaction made is in proper sequence so that every one can see through it. This can make auditing work quite easy. It is used to serve in the form of a distributed ledger by two parties for keeping a record of the transactions done in a permanent way. The auditors will be able to access entire database for testing the whole transactions within the specified period kept under observation. This wide coverage ensures constant improvement in trust level obtained from auditing process.

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How Blockchain technology works

Blockchain works on the principle that enables a certain group of computers to connect together and maintain a single updated as well as secured ledger.

  • Initiation of Transaction
  • Block Creation
  • Encryption of Identities
  • Noding
  • Post Verification

How to develop a Blockchain platform with Bitshares Blockchain

native application

Processing Speed

Blocks have been confirmed quickly and transactions are then added to the blockchain from 1.5 seconds to 3 seconds at the most.

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Dynamic Account Permissions

It enables proper management for corporate environment and controlling of the wallets through the combination of account approvals.

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Bitshares will ensure blockchain covers the costs to keep going without any date of maturity.

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It isn’t possible to hack Delegated Proof of Stake protocol since it involves removing both active and trusted delegates.

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Minimal fees

Though Bitshares charges some fees just like other blockchains, it is usually low than the average. Also, it provides 80% cashback to the lifetime members.

Benefits of our
blockchain technology

efficiency Efficiency
transparancy Transparency
trust partners Trust
flexibility Flexibility

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