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Web Applications

Web Application Frameworks are different sets of components, program libraries and tools organized in an architecture system. This enables developers to build and maintain complicated web based application projects with quick and efficient approach.

Web Application Frameworks have been designed to promote code reuse and streamline programming by setting forth structure, documentation, folder organization, guidelines and libraries.

Our benefits of web applications

Our benefits of
web applications

  • Program actions and logic have been separated from the CSS, HTML and design files. This helps designers to make design changes and edit the interface without any help from a programmer.
  • Builds are usually based on the tools, libraries and module that allow programmers to share libraries and execute complicated features as well as functionalities in fast and efficient way.
  • The structure provides other developers with the ability to get familiar with the code in a short time.
  • Our programmers produce the best practice coding with coding standards and consistent logic.
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About our
web apps

We have created and deployed critical web applications that scale to meet your business needs. Our team of specialists:

  • Support Linux and Windows platforms
  • Built-in autoscale and load balancing
  • High availability with auto-patching
  • Continuous deployment with GitHub, Git, DevOps and Team Foundation Server
  • Supports Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and Umbraco

How our web applications
can benefit your business

Can be accessed from anywhere

Can be accessed
from anywhere

Like the traditional applications, web systems can be accessed at anytime, anywhere and through a PC having Internet connection. This enables users to be in charge of when and where they access the application. We provide you with exciting possibilities such as home working, real-time collaboration and global teams.

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Customisable on
different devices

Other than being customisable for user groups, content can be customised for use on any device that is connected to the internet. This will include ? mobile phones, tablets and PDAs. This extends ability of users to receive and interact with information that may be suitable for them.

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Easy to install and maintain

Easy to
install and maintain

With web-based approach, installation and maintenance will become less complicated. Once a new upgrade has been installed on the host server, users can access it right away and you do not have to upgrade the PC for every user.

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Adaptable to increased workload

Adaptable to
increased workload

Increasing processor capacity is a simple operation for web-based applications. If an application requires more power to perform several tasks, it is necessary to upgrade server hardware. The capacity of web-based software can be increased by running the software on different servers at the same time. With increase in workload, new servers can be added to the system easily.

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Improved security


Web-based applications have been deployed on the dedicated servers that are maintained and monitored by server administrators. This is much more effective than monitoring several clients? computers as it is with desktops. You can be assured of complete security and any potential breaches will be noticed quickly.

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