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Fintech Applications Development

While it is about designing hassle-free, appealing, super fast and reliable Fintech web application for innovative start-ups or huge enterprise businesses, we can offer the best solution. Our team of developers and designers combine your idea with latest financial technologies to deliver the industry-specific app development solutions as per your requirement.

Our top-quality fintech website development applications and services are featured with intuitive user experience and enhanced security. Our development team makes use of latest trends and cutting-edge technology to serve a user-friendly product which not only user-engaging but also safe and efficient for long-term use.

Why Fintech Apps?

Don’t you want to make payment conveniently? Why will you waste your precious time waiting in the long queue of ATM, digging your wallet at cash-counter or consulting with a financial advisor when everything can be done through Smartphone?

Yes, you heard right as everything is at your fingertips. Now loan application, online shopping, making payments, transferring money all can be done with just a tap on your phone. Fintech apps help in driving more traffic and offer real value.

Since its introduction, it is growing at a fast rate in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In 2017, finance and banking apps secured third position as the fastest expanding app category on the basis of time spent by users on every type. Some popular app types of this category are budgeting, investment and credit monitoring and payment apps.

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Why Choose Induji Tech for
Fintech Web Application development?

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Every project is a challenging script for us, our team put exclusive effort to meet your needs

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We prioritize your requirements

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We deliver the best features-laden Fintech app solution

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We offer third-party gateway solution

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Advanced delivery of our project

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We help in generating consistent result to our clients

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Guaranteed greater ROI value

Web Applications

Our Unique Approach for Fintech Web Application Development

We provide procedural solutions of Fintech application to the clients which are emphasized on customer-centric approach. Our ways are focused on the following aims:

  • Prototype designing for the applications
  • Designing of UI/UX of the application for mobile screens
  • Daily application demonstration to the respective clients
  • Application deployment
Custom Software

Our Fintech app developers offer the following features in the customized fintech application:

  • Custom reports
  • Data protection
  • Payers and payee management
  • Account tracking
  • Personal finance
  • Credit score and its management
Internet Of Things

Our Fintech web app development solution is for the below categories:

  • Wealth Management Apps
  • Payment Apps
  • Open Banking Apps
  • Mobile Banking Apps
  • Cryptocurrency and Digital Cash Apps
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Smart Contracts
  • Robo-Advisors
  • PCI Compliant Systems

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