What is the Future of Mobile App Development in 2019?

What is the Future of Mobile App Development in 2019?

What is the Future of Mobile App Development in 2019?

  • Oct 02,2019
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As the millennials are flocking up, the need for bringing up services over the mobile is increasing on a rampart stage. More and more businessmen are leveraging on the mobile apps. As the decade is approaching, the presence of web is widening. Google has even changed the rules from website friendly pages to mobile responsive websites. Such a transition is really helping millions of population to surf through the internet just by their phone.

What are mobile apps?

Some of the non-techs people be like- am not understanding anything! Mobile apps are software applications which are designed to be used on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. So when you want to play a game, you head over to the Apple’s App Store or Google Play (depending upon the mobile operating system) and you download the game from there. The same app store has a collection of all the different types of apps that you have used in your mobile. Examples being, amazon, headspace, bookmyshow, etc.

The apps could be of any thing, it can be of games, it can be of utility or office programs, or just a shopping portals.

The app development is increasing

As the popularity for better service is increasing, more business people are opening the rules for better service over the mobile phones. 2015 records show that over 10 billion gigabytes of data were downloaded on a mobile device. By 2020, it is already predicted that mobile devices would hike up to approximately 189 billion U.S. dollars in revenues. That’s HUGE!

However, the mobile app developers opine that the app downloads are decreasing. It’s something appearing as a paradox. Nowadays people don’t want to download app but apps are running more popular than ever. Hence, no one can actually predict the future of app development.

IoT Applications

A vast majority of people love using apps but they just hate downloading. As the world has become more fast, easy and simple, the lust for fastness is growing over time. The biggest of companies has already placed a huge emphasis on the speed of the mobile world. Like for example, Google has come up with a new update of loading speed of websites on mobile devices. They have introduced AMP version of the mobile device which results in speeding up the websites in mobile-friendly world.

Since the vast majority of internet users rely on the mobile, working on the mobile experience could be a ‘win-win’ situation.

What IoT (Internet of Things) does is, it helps in controlling things around us through applications. Apple Watches, Google Glass have just began to introduce their internet audience a much simpler life.

The pressure on developer tools

Since the mobile application industry is growing at such a pace, there is too much pressure on launching applications, especially in the shortest time period without error. Every year, tens and thousands of mobile applications are launching. Every business is turning their goal towards the mobile app version. They also want to get into the application trend.

Keeping such a trendy module, The application programming interfaces and software developer kits have made the applications to launch in the shortest of time. Maybe, we could see some more hikings in these applications and more advanced software kits.

Life getting more convenient

From calling a plumber to searching for the best restaurants, we are all depended on the mobile apps. Mobile apps are becoming more convenient and easy to navigate through your mind to the location. The apps have the data of your location and it will notify you as per your area. You just have to feed in your question and you will get a prompt solution.

Conclusion: as the demand for an easy life is increasing, people are getting more comfortable with the mobile version. Mobile apps are giving a chance to the vast internet users to adapt their lifestyle in the most comfortable way they can. The future of the mobile apps development is a boon to the internet users.