Mobile App Features for Fintech Application

Mobile App Features for Fintech Application

Mobile App Features for Fintech Application

  • Jan 07,2022
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The term Fintech denotes financial solutions and empowering through the latest technology. Every bank, investment firm and financial organization has the presence of Fintech. Most financial companies use mobile applications that stay at the forefront of Fintech revolution in which they take part.

Though Fintech applications will grow and open newer growth opportunities for the financial companies in different sectors and for new Fintech startups, it is really confusing where to begin the journey. If you want to create an application from the scratch for Fintech business, then you should consider the most trending application features for startup which define suitable solutions for Fintech apps.

  • Data Analytics of individual to keep track of spending – Data analytics has a vital role for several reasons. People can enjoy the power of decision-making related to their investment, spending and financial activities with actionable data analytics. So, individual data analytics has the main feature of Fintech app providing transparent overview of all financial activities. The feature can be of great help for conducting an analysis of financial data and rendering data reports for application users.

With the help of data analytics, the users of Fintech application can perform the following:

  • Check financial reports – Users of Fintech app will check their financial activities and transactions through summary reports.
  • Transaction report: This report maintains a track of stock of the spending as well as transactions to inform how and where users are spending their funds.
  • Set the objectives – The Fintech application enable customers to set particular financial objectives and set right investment timelines.

    So, the Fintech application users will manage their spendings, make better investment decisions and check the habits that have negative impact on their financial stability and growth.

  • Artificial Intelligence or AI – The cutting-edge technologies in Fintech applications are particularly by means of AI. With the amalgamation of artificial intelligence into the Fintech apps, the capabilities of different applications might be in improved manifolds. The Fintech application with AI denotes an array of benefits which ranges from optimum precision. Fraud detection customer support, wealth management, operational efficiency and others.

    The greatest benefit of Artificial Intelligence for Fintech applications is ease of automated customer service. Since thanks to the streamlined customer support by means of AI-powered intelligent chatbots. The financial organization may form sufficient space for professionals to look after other essential tasks than resolving customer problems.

  • New business models and blockchain-based security – Blockchain is a decentralized database management technology that has been adopted through different Fintech apps. A blockchain denoting a chain of data blocks for the storage of data with specific time frame prevents data tampering efforts fully of all types. Blockchain databases imposes write-only protocol will make it impossible to tamper and delete any data. It ensures complete security technology for safeguarding data and transactions for the Fintech applications.

    Blockchain technology ensures huge savings and developing new business models which are not hears in the present financial scenario. The ease provided through peer-to-peer micropayments within users bypassing proxy technology has led to newer avenues for the financial business models.
  • Merge together other Fintech solutions with APIs – The Fintech applications comprise of different sectors and customer requires an extensive range of user-centric solutions. Starting from making easy mobile payments to crowdfunding and facilitating asset management, the financial needs and their varied features are manifold. Luckily, the Fintech apps do not require providing these features on their own and merge with other apps by means of third-party APIs to make them available.

    Different Fintech applications enable users to bring together bank accounts and financial transactions through several entities in one comprehensive dashboard. The combination brings lot of power and ease of use for users of Fintech applications. When it is about organizations, the incorporation of various apps sharing important financial data on different apps results in saving users from the hassle of navigating through several interfaces. This will ensure comprehensive solution for the Fintech app users.

  • Personalized user experience – The ultimate satisfaction from user experience that denotes their choices and preferences is what most app users prefer. This is nothing different with Fintech app development. With UX design enabling customised choice of menu options and offering application features on user preference are some key features that a Fintech application may push personalization and make app stand out from that of the competition. Such personalization may be executed dynamically when the designers and application developers at Induji Tech have proper access to data driven insights and user data. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics will allow apps to gather proper insights on user interactions, intent and behaviour for rendering improved app user experience.
  • Voice-Controlled banking – Voice interaction and voice recognition have now emerged as cutting-edge technologies for improving security and ease of use for Fintech application development. The function of financial services has made it easy for users to make voice commands for accessing reports and performing transactions. The virtual assistants allowed voice commands such as Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa Cortona and others so that users can make voice commands for Fintech transactions. They have a vital role for users to inquire without making any calls to customer care department and banks.

Thus, the Fintech revolution converges with cutting-edge technologies and denotes huge opportunity for the financial companies to remain on top of the competition through financial and banking experience. The Fintech apps use state-of-the-art technologies for bringing change to banking and financial activities in several ways.