Mobile App Development: The Upcoming Trends for You

Mobile App Development: The Upcoming Trends for You

Mobile App Development: The Upcoming Trends for You

  • Mar 24,2020
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Mobile apps are constantly redefining life on earth since the recent past. Because of their enormous popularity and usefulness, mobile apps offer equal opportunity of growth and prosperity to both individuals and enterprises.

According to a rough estimate, mobile apps usher in nearly US$ 200 billion in revenues to the United States federal coffers within a short time.

How the trend of developing mobile apps is going to change in near future? The answer involves a lot of guess work, which is interesting.

Let us explore what techies associated with mobile application development in Nevada, USA have to say on the given context.

AR/VR era has just taken off

AR and VR – both are equally cool and there is no second opinion about that. But by late 2020, their usage will never remain limited to developing gaming applications. Innovation is already on the way for new cases of both AR and VR. If you have noticed, Google and Apple have already released a new range of AR demos on their newest devices. This fact helps conclude both AR and VR are destined to be the game-changer in near future. On the other hand, instagram and snapchat have released their individual AR filters. These products are very popular and they are capable changing a human face to different funny characters digitally.

Some of the expected AR and VR trends in near future include:

  • Mobile AR disruption
  • AR in manufacturing, healthcare, marketing and advertising industries

Smart age of mobile-connected smart objects

The term 'smart object' is the gift of a comparatively modern technology called Internet of Things (IoT). It is the same as 'Smart things'. Basically it is a network of physical objects embedded with software, sensors and electronics and interconnected to one another inside the network. IoT is considered as a game-changer in the field of mobile app development.

Upcoming IoT trends include:

  • Smart homes and smart areas
  • Self-driven cars
  • More security-equipped routers for greater security
  • IoT -powered healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning

Both AI and machine learning have made much deeper impact on the mobile app industry. The best Ai manifestation is chatbots. The combination of Ai with machine learning is an integral part of mobile app innovation. However, in near future AI and Siri are not going to be the extreme manifestation of AI and Machine Learning. Rather more powerful products are going to arrive. AI app development is currently an assured way for app development organisations to grow profitability while cutting down various operational costs.

The upcoming trends of both AI and ML include;

  • AI-enabled memory chips
  • AI automated DevOps through AIOps
  • Interoperability between neutral networks
  • Automated machine learning

Beacons - the market shows promising than ever

It is not a fresh innovation by now. A lot of industries including museums, healthcare providers and hospitality are making use of Beacons technology. The scope of growth for Beacons is vast. When it blends with the IoT, in the retail sector it will be easier for customers to get valuable and relevant information related to sales and upcoming promos.

Upcoming trends include;

  • AI-enabled memory chips
  • Beacons for mobile payments
  • Beacon treasure hunting
  • Automated machine learning

Cloud - redefine the mobile apps of tomorrow

Cloud won't be a luxury option any more by 2020, predict industry experts. The world by and large is already aware of the benefits and possibilities Cloud offers. Some important include;

  • Reduced hosting cost
  • Better loading capacity
  • Streamlined business operations

Cloud also helps solving many security-related issues. As a result mobile app development is now much secure, faster and reliable compared to the past. Possibilities are strong that in near future powerful apps will run directly on the Cloud technology. Upcoming Cloud computing trends include;

  • Quantum computing
  • Evolution of Cloud services and solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud solutions

Mobile wallets - redefining the concept of mobile banking

Demand for Mobile Payment Solution apps is steadily rising. Security is the prime concern among these developers. Considering the entire situation, it can be safely predicted that mobile wallets are only going to rise in demand. Mobile apps that offer safe and friction-less payment methods have bright prospect. The upcoming trends in this domain seem to be the following:

  • 2 billion-plus mobile wallet users on earth
  • More secure mobile wallets
  • Contactless payment procedures

App developers working in a renowned software development company in Nevada USA suggest the trends discussed above. Feel free to contact us for more information.