Choose an App Development Company than Hiring a Freelance App Developer

Choose an App Development Company than Hiring a Freelance App Developer

Choose an App Development Company than Hiring a Freelance App Developer

  • Oct 11,2019
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The confusion of hiring a freelance app developer or an app development company is something that every business is stuck with. If you have a full in-house team of skilled people, your business can grow exponentially high. Hiring a freelance app developer seem to be a viable option when you are running tight with your budget. As freelance app developers are affordable than an agency, a business owner can work with them with their basic needs.

Now, my question to you is, have you ever thought on the long term solution?

When you hire an agency to develop an app for you, they take full responsibility in ensuring that the app is ROI in the long term. It must be user friendly and must have the qualities to meet in the modern digital world. The company may cost you a little more upfront but that cost will ensure a safe investment. Being a businessman, you always need to think about the long term prospective. In this post, you will clear out your doubts on hiring a freelance app developer or spending money on an app development company.

Getting a solid legal accountability

Reputed companies are bound with state registered, licensed business which carries legal authority. They are compelled to fulfill your requirements or else you might can sue them legally in court. Such a security will ensure that you can trust the company more than just a freelance app developer with whom you had no legal contracts.

Despite the legal laws that a company needs to follow, a company can never cheat on your expectations as they build up a strong reputation in the digital market. One bad review of the client can actually destroy the entire career of the company and a company never wants that (if they need to prosper more).

Talking about the standalone freelancers, they are just private individuals who work under civil laws. They may not have any additional taxes or state liabilities. As a result of such a working pattern, freelancers usually charges low rate but it will have a risk. You may be thrown into a perplexed situation when the freelancers don’t held accountable to your work. They might disappear without any notice and you would be left with nothing!

If the freelancer is delaying the etask, you may delay the project and thus it will affect the flow of your business module. And by chance if you have lost the freelancer in the middle of the work, it might heavily affect your future work as you need to find a new team to finish the work where it’s stopped.

In order to protect yourself from such a mess, don’t you think it would be better to go for an app development company who take the full responsibility of landing to your requirements.

All in one service

Have you ever rely on a team who can provide you with all in one service? It’s a double happiness for the business owner. If you want a well rounded app development, you want other features that’s not limited to an app developer. Hiring a company means you will get more than one developer as per the scale of your app. So you will get a backend developer, a quality analysts, a UX/UI designer, a dev ops specialist, a tester and if you want to advertise your app you will need an app marketer. In order to see what you need and how you want the app to perform, you need to be in touch with a project manager who will guide you in your app development process and how it should be accomplished.

When you have the designers and developers working together, you just need to chill on your sofa and think about the outcome. They both work in harmony to ensure full safe app development mechanism which will give you a holistic quality service. Unlike in a freelance work, you don’t have to chase for different expertise in order to set one goal. A project manager will help in coordinating nicely with you and his team that will eventually grow your expectation of working with them and achieving your dream come true vision.

When you are searching for someone from the freelance community, you need to make sure that you are getting both at the same time. Getting a designer along with the developer is something to dig deep in such an uncertain world. And the harsh truth is, you will never get to know if the freelance individual is truly working himself for your project. A lot of times, these standalone freelancers outsource the work to another individual (who would obviously had his range of quotation). You haven’t met the outsourced individual and hence your project will always be in the hands of unstable people.

A company can free your worries by legally handling everything from the moment they handle your project. Developing an app needs a lot of work and thus you don’t have to hunch over to other skills and waste your time on deciding which one is better. A company takes full responsibility for its quality service.

When you have the professionals working for you, you can be free like a bird in the sky would be!

Fix those deadlines

A lot of you would say that freelancers are also tight with their deadlines. Yes! That fact could not be denied. But if I tell you to find one whom you can trust on their deadline principle, you would be left with no one as you can’t be 100% confident. Freelancers are also strict with their delivering projects but to find the ones with that strict rules will be difficult to search for. When you hire a company to meet with the deadlines, you will find that they work in true precision. A company works in an organised manner with following the strict hardcore rules. The “done” task will then be proceeded to the project managers who will handle further work. Such a precise way of working ensures that you don’t have to cry over the dates to know how your app is doing.

You can ping the project manager to know the current status of the work. They will provide you with a full report of the advancement which will help you in understanding their way of working.