8 Latest Software Development Trends to Predict in 2020 and Beyond

8 Latest Software Development Trends to Predict in 2020 and Beyond

8 Latest Software Development Trends to Predict in 2020 and Beyond

  • May 05,2020
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The year 2020 has brought great excitement for the latest trends and changes in the technology market. Software development is now becoming an integral part to almost every sector these days and so, certain changes and developments in the software development industry has a huge impact on our daily lives. Read on to know 8 software development trends you can expect to have in this new decade and beyond.

  1. Artificial intelligence will continue to rule the world – Artificial Intelligence or AI has been around for several years by now yet, it seems to grow and improve every year by being foundational to different technologies throughout the entire world. According to the developers, it has been anticipated that AI will continue to dominate the world as more industries seem to adopt it in their infrastructures.

    The biggest trends for the year 2020 suggest that education, travel industries, healthcare and social media will be using AI for their customised experiences, proper assistance, and further prediction services. AI is going to be the latest competitive edge for several industries across the spectrum and it will change our thinking about human involvement as well as resources. Besides, the Deep Learning framework Tensorflow 2.0 is also expected to dominate the present market from this year and beyond.
  2. Python expected to rise next to AI and Ml developments – Starting from ML research to video game development and web development, Python has been constantly proving to become a popular language. As AI and ML development is inceasing, Python is expected to continue in this stable growth and popularity for remarkable innovations like ML-powered chatbots.

    Though the idea of “fastest-growing” language might be hard to pin down, data has suggested that Python will only take the cake. Also, Python will be used for various popular jobs and fields, but it has a low entry barrier and a supportive community promoted by the new generation of developers.
  3. 5G might be the next big thing to open new opportunities for developers – Experts who provide software development services in Nevada have said, 5G network enters the market in the year 2020. This is a faster and an exciting network that brings with it newer problems for the developers to solve. Other than the controversies and drawbacks that 5G holds, it also possesses the potentiality to revolutionize handheld devices and thus, open new doors for developers who wants to enter the ground floor of distributed technologies. It will be providing suitable chance for developers to work on robust applications as well as enhanced reality features. 5G is expected to be changing the entire world from powering smart cities to boosting traffic systems and increasing capacity for network expansion, on the whole.

    Certainly, the processing power of 5G will be bringing with it certain concerns that developers must address carefully. Some of these are – latest concerns for weather prediction technologies or complaints related to poor coverage. Despite the challenges faced ahead, the technology is a promising one and is definitely worth the investment.
  4. Cloud computing and edge use is expected to rise – With 5G technology come the probability for edge computing which is said to be a decentralized computing infrastructure. This is a highly distributed model of Edge computing that can help to solve the disadvantages of cloud computing. Such developments might be the future of industry and computation. Besides, cloud computing seems to be vital for company infrastructures and with cyber security concerns existing, larger companies from different industries are now shifting towards the cloud in the form of a suitable solution.

    Besides, the worldwide public cloud service revenue is predicted to rise from 227.8 billion US dollars to 266.4 billion by the end of this year, 2020. Edge computing is also expected to rise as an upgrade for cloud computing capabilities. In reality, the worldwide Edge computing market is forecasted to rise from 1.47 billion USD in 2018 to 26.84 billion USD by the year 2025.
  5. Languages expected to break through Kotlin, TypeScript, Rust and Swift – In the last decade, there have been hundreds of programming languages already made. This is a shift away from monolithic languages of the past that allows developers to work with particular languages by focusing more on modernized developments in the software and developer ergonomics. The complete variety of programming languages allows developers to strengthen this specific industry and turn focus in solving human problems. According to StackOverflow research, it has been suggested that the top 4 modern programming languages that will rise in 2020 are Rust, TypeScript, Kotilin, and Swift. Rust has been taking 4th position during the last four years successively.
  6. Kubernetes rises as the winner over Docker Swarm and Mesos – Apart from the rise of cloud computing, there has been the demand for containerization applications. Kubernetes has emerged to be the winner since cloud technologies seems to incorporate with the entire world. Hence, Kubernetes is considered to be an important tool for the evelopers everywhere. As per the research, Kubernetes popularity seems to be on the rise. Developers have predicted that the year 2020 will see a rise in the latest best and standardization of this application.
  7. Web Frameworks react continues to rise – React has made a great impact on web development by bringing together with it ease and innovation which is extremely useful for the developers. It is considered to be the most dominant JavaScript web framework in the past year and stats have suggested that this is going to continue for several years. Other frameworks such as Vue provide their unique capabilities, React has been chosen by many people due to its robustness and flexibility. Moreover, React is backed by Facebook and it will continue to rise in this industry as a means for web development. Check Google Trends to know how far React is in worldwide interest since the year 2017.
  8. Self-taught programmers enter software development market – Inspite of common viewpoint of tech industry, there has been a gap in supply-demand for software development services. With the rise in price all over the world, fewer people are now turning to computer science for getting their costly degrees. The obstruction to entry for software developers has been expected to be lower in the next few years so that it can create sufficient space for these self-taught developers. Besides, some developers expect that there will be an increase in LCNC development (low-code, no-code development) for the ventures to innovate without requiring CS degree-holding programmers.

Thus, online learning platforms are considered to be a specific reason why industry is now moving ahead. Educative offers university-level courses for the developers to improve their coding skills as well as learn new languages at a lower cost. The objective for the year 2020 is to allow people to join this development world without financial burden of university.